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Manage Your Time

Procrastination and disorganization can cause incredible stress. It can also cost you your job, fracture your relationships, and cause you live an insufficient life. Successful people who live happy lives of balance and prosperity have learned how to manage their time. Listed below are three time management tips to A.C.E. your life. A=Awareness Activity Log. The

Ward off Summer Stress with S.E.L.F. Love

During the summer season, women continue to juggle their many demanding roles. Summer can be a time of increased stress for a variety of reasons; children are out of the structured environment of school, summer vacation, summer camps or summer school. These numerous other demands are heaped on an already stressful life where we feel

Tips for Combating Chronic Fatigue

Do you find yourself chronically fatigued? Perhaps tired during the day and relying on caffeine to keep going? Our society is so go-go-go that scores of people are plagued by adrenal fatigue without ever realizing there are natural ways to maintain their energy. When you become stressed your body releases the hormone cortisol. When you

Pets Reduce Your Stress At Work

Feeling stressed at work? Consider checking your office policies about having pets in the workplace. Having your favorite four-legged friend at work with you is a great way to reduce stress. Nearly three-quarters of U.S. households have a pet. As these numbers continue to grow, more workers are requesting to bring their pets to work.

Good Friends Reduce Stress

It kills us to be lonely. Not having good friends is about as harmful to your health as being obese or smoking 15 cigarettes a day, according to research from Brigham Young University. Another study showed people with at least three close buddies at work were 96 percent more likely to be “extremely satisfied” with

Stress Reduction

Research tells us the following practices create health in our mind-body connection. Breathe This is the foundation to de-stress and heal. We usually take shallow breaths, especially when they are stressed or ill. This starves the body and brain of oxygen which directly affects our immune system and our cardiopulmonary system. When we are tired we might

Cats and Their Owners Can Reduce Stress Together

We tend to think of cats as independent creatures, but humans have a bigger influence on these furry-friends than you might think. When our habits and stress negatively impacts our cats, it’s our jobs to help boost their health. A recent study published in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior found that cats adopt their pet

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