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The Mystery Behind Easter Eggs

There are many folklore and myths associated with egg symbolism. For example, the story goes that if eggs were laid on Good Friday and kept for a hundred years, the…
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What’s the Meaning of Beads?

Charm bracelets are a trend and most fashionistas are sporting unique bracelets made by Pandora and other fashionable jewelry makers. On the other side of the coin, beaded bracelets can…
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4 Mindful Ramadan Lessons

Today marks the beginning of Ramadan, the holiest of months for our Muslim sisters and brothers. This is a time of worship and spiritual wellness. Whether your Muslim, Christian, Buddhist,…
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Holi: The Festival of Colors

Spring rouses a sense of joy and excitement in us all. Each of us celebrates the new season in different ways. For the Hindu community, this means gathering around bonfires…
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