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Life-Saving Renewal Rituals

What is a Renewal Ritual®? We race around in our busy lives and don’t take the time to check in or come home to yourself. We must create time to…
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The Power of Renewal Rituals

Rituals reduce stress and anxiety and make us feel safe and resilient. I encourage you to develop Renewal Rituals, especially at work, to live a more stress-free life. Before we…
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October Means Stress Prevention

October is Stress Prevention Month. Given the volatile, unstable world in which we live, stress is increasing in our lives. We’re inheriting a more stressful world. It is crucial for…
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It’s Stress Prevention Month

October is Stress Prevention Month. We are entering the stressful holiday season. We are approaching a time of seasonal stress. However each day we are also living in a more…
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