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monkey loves whipped cream

Adorable Animals: Capuchin Monkey LOVES Whipped Cream

Check this adorable video featuring Gaitlyn Rae, a very happy 8 year old Capuchin Monkey. The video shows what happens in their house when they bring back a container of…
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Adorable Animals: June And Waffles

June is a rescue raccoon who’s spoiled rotten — she’s always climbing into the sink or getting into trouble, but her dog sister Waffles keeps a close eye on her.…
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guy rescues iguana

Man Rescues Iguana In Middle of Ocean

Here is a heart-warming video about a guy who rescues an iguana from middle of the ocean. We invite to get ready to smile and be surprised as you watch this…
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Tiny Puppy Loves Racing On Wheels

TurboRoo is a chihuahua who was born without his two front legs. Read his inspiring story and learn how 3d printers and an ingenious, specialized solution gave this dog a new lease on life.