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The Effect of Flowers on Human Beings

Why are flowers important? What is the effect of flowers on us? They reduce stress and depression! Having flowers for your home or having flowers at work can give you…
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Massage Is a Powerful Tool for Your Health

Massage therapy is a powerful tool for your health and is especially effective for reducing stress. I have gotten a massage once a week for many years. It makes me…
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Love Gives You New Life

Sharing your stresses and concerns with others helps the mind and body relax and renew.  Research tells us there is a positive relationship between having community and our health and…
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Insomnia: Is it Psychological or Physiological?

Insomnia is not a disease; it’s difficult to diagnose. Over 40 million people in the U.S. have a form of sleep disorder but over 90 percent don’t even know it!…
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Your Stress Will Fly Away

Bird Feeding This is National Bird Feeding Month. This is a great time to learn more about the blessing of birds, nurture the bird population, and maybe even begin a…
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Can a Simple Flower Change Your Health?

Don’t you want to reduce stress and depression and also have more energy, enthusiasm, and compassion? Flowers are an essential tool for our mental and physical health. A behavioral research…
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Altar Your Life with a Healing Bath

Since the beginning of time, a healing bath has been a medicinal time-honored practice. For centuries, in many cultures, people traveled to hot springs to heal. It’s also been recognized…
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Play Makes You Happy and Healthy

When was the last time you played? Dr. Margaret Duncan, at University of Wisconsin and president of the Association of the Study of Play believes play is not the opposite…
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Puzzles Change Your Brain

Puzzles are a powerful tool that reduces stress, increase your memory and help low the aging process of the brain. Research suggests puzzles and brain teasers may ward off dementia…
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Try a Minimalist Holiday

The holiday season can be a rather busy time, and according to a survey from Consumers Report, 90 percent of Americans experience stress over holidays. Holiday stress can lead to…
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