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Overstressed Children Symptoms

Families, especially our children, are experiencing incredible levels of stress these days. Families the nucleus of a child’s life must address how violence and technology can impact the health of…
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Take Time For Romance

Romance for many of us these days is a long awaited dream or an intermittent gift we rarely experience in our busy lives. Whether you are single or married this…
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Hug the Flu Away

Yes, it’s flu season, but a good hug can be just what the doctor ordered. A published study suggests that, in addition to making us feel connected with others, hugs…
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When Loved Ones Stress You Out

We love our family and friends, but sometimes they can be unexpected sources of stress. When they experience stress we can often “catch” their anxiety like a germ. This type…
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Are You Living Your Authentic Life?

In society, we may experience the philosophical and spiritual gurus continually calling each of us to live an “authentic life.” The word authentic means original, not false or copied–it’s genuine,…
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New Year: Stress Check-Up

A stress check-up is an important life tool in which you analyze your stress and make improvements. Start your new year off by starting a checklist and conducting a Mindful…
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Stop Holiday Stress in its Tracks Today

Holiday stress is exceptionally high this year. We are experiencing the pandemic, isolation, disorientation, cold winter weather, financial insecurity, and post-election stress all simultaneously. We all must take seriously the…
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7 Holiday Stress Triggers and Simple Tips to Help

The holiday season is fast approaching and you need to be aware of some of the biggest holiday stress triggers. The top seven holiday stress triggers include: keeping things organized,…
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Don’t Be a Hostage to Time

Most of us feel as if we are a prisoner to time. We dread time and feel like time is a form of oppression. Most feed off a daily mantra…
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Holiday Stress 911

911!? It’s the Holiday Season! It’s the day after Thanksgiving and the December celebrations (Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza) are upon us. Unfortunately, many of us are concerned about our finances during…
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