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Stress LESS through Mindful Living®

One Step at the Time

Help Your Local Animal Shelter! I live in a county in North Georgia where the county manages the animal shelter, Habersham County  Local Animal Shelter. This shelter has no money…
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One Town Unites — Albert Lea, Minnesota

Albert Lea, Minnesota was sick and tired of being overweight, lethargic, and unfit. So, they collectively decide to do a town health makeover. Albert Lea’s Health Makeover One of the things…
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Easy Food Tips for Your Everyday Routine

Chef Kristia Paz shares easy food tips to enhance your everyday living.

Countdown: Rapture 2011

Mindful Living is up in Oak Haven tonight, preparing for the Mt. Laurel Mountain Festival in North Georgia and, of course, the Rapture 2011. As we count down to the…
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Food Issues? Dig in!

Welcome to the first of my musings on food. But it’s not really about food. If you are coming here to learn how to lose 30 pounds in 30 days,…
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Mindful Survival Tools: Are You Prepared?

The Southeast is being plummeted by torrential rain, flooding, and powerful winds. Supercell thunderclouds that upgraded to tornadoes have already caused over 200 reported fatalities stretching from Arkansas to Alabama…
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Eat Mindfully with These Quick Tips

Are you overwhelmed and confused with all the food choices out there? Don’t worry with these quick tips you can eat mindfully everyday without feeling stressed about it. Focus. Think about…
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Disaster Stress Tips for Survivors

Disasters hurt not just the environment and its victims but also all the disaster survivors. Here are a few stress tips for survivors that managed to escape or live through…
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