Take Time For Romance

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Take Time For Romance

Romance for many of us these days is a long awaited dream or an intermittent gift we rarely experience in our busy lives. Whether you are single or married this is a chronic problem of our time. Intimacy is an essential need of every human being and one that we too many times put on the back burner. This can create anxiety and chronic stress that makes finding romance even more illusive.

Why is it so hard for some singles to make time for dating? 

Many professional singles are in a growth time of making partner or developing their businesses in the early part of their lives. This focus can become an addiction or habit and eventually create isolation. It can also create a fear or awkwardness about getting into the dating arena again.

What’s the first step toward carving out more time for a personal life? Why?

 A person must treat every facet of their life with proactive time management. The time won’t “just happen,” you must create and plan for it, just like you do for business presentations, conferences, and meetings. Begin by asking yourself where you can go to meet the kind of person you want to date. Volunteer for an organization you are passionate about. Discover a yoga or meditation studio. Begin lecture series at Universities or take a class in painting drawing or writing.  This plan creates play and relaxation time woven into meeting new dating prospects. You are not just exerting anxious effort finding a date, you are creating meaning and play into your life.

What’s the number-one time management tip for busy professionals? 

Schedule into your calendar, regular time for creating friends and dating opportunities. It won’t just happen.  You may wake up at 50 years old and ask what happened to your life. Be creative, have fun discovering new places to meet the kinds of people you like, learn about single vacation packages, and volunteer at organizations that create meaning in your life.  Creating and scheduling “me” time is essential for happiness, meaning, and balance.



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