Teatox: Healthy or Dangerous?

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Teatox: Healthy or Dangerous?

People have been drinking tea to enrich their health for centuries, so it comes as no surprise that many people are interested in using tea for weight loss. With celebrities such as the Kardashian/ Jenner sisters, Vanessa Hudgens, and Lindsay Lohan advertising tea trends. Teatox or slimming teas are a growing number of people have been diving into this trend. The fit tea regimen is thought to be an all-natural way to lose weight, but is that true?

Detox Tea and Weight Loss

Drinking a cup of tea certainly has health benefits. For instance, a past study found that white tea had anti-ageing properties and some experts have said that drinking black tea can help prevent cardiovascular disease. Unlike these other drinks, detox teas promise something a little different. People use teatox brands such as MateFit and Lyfe Tea to boost their metabolism, reduce cravings, and eliminate water weight. While there appear to be many happy customers, there could also be some disadvantages to teatoxing that people aren’t aware of.

The Bad News

Just as there is no “magic pill” for weight loss, there is also no “magic tea” that can replace the benefits of regular exercise and a healthy, well-balanced diet. So drinking the tea without making any other necessary changes will do very little for your weight loss goals.

It’s also important for people to check the ingredients of the teas before drinking them. Different leaves are blended together to make detox teas. One common ingredient that is often used is senna leaves. Senna can cause serious health side effects, including bloating, cramps, and diarrhea. Because of these side effects, long usage of senna-based products can be dangerous.

Drink Green Tea

If you are still interested in drinking fit tea for better health give green tea a try. Besides being a delicious and popular tea, research has found that green tea extracts may help with your physical health. Green tea has also been linked to improved memory and reduced stroke risk.

Whether you implement detox or green tea into your diet in order to lose weight, be sure to talk to your doctor for personalized advice. And if you would like to create your herbal tea try these tips.


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