Tiny Puppy Loves Racing On Wheels

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Tiny Puppy Loves Racing On Wheels


Here is one of the cutest videos you may ever see! Watch TurboRoo, a tiny little puppy racing around on his wheels. Can you imagine if this  your dog? 💛💛💛

TurboRoo was only 4 weeks old when he arrived at The Downtown Veterinarian in Indianapolis, Indiana. His breeder was surrendering him because the little chihuahua was born without his two front legs.  Today, TurboRoo is happily adopted, and loving life. Everyday he is  inspiring others to do the same. And it’s all because of Mark Deadrick, a rocket scientist whose San Diego-based company 3dyn is using 3D printers to make parts for aerospace companies.

As a result of meeting TurboRoo, Mark  officially became a “Rocket Surgeon”, as well as Mindful Hero. Upon seeing a photograph of TurboRoo in a crude harness with wheels on a website Mark became inspired to create a better way for the adorable little TurboRoo to get around.

After a few test trials, history was made! As a result of everything, this tiny little dog has become somewhat of an Internet superstar! Try and keep up with TurboRoo the two-legged chihuahua by following him on his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Want To Learn More?

We invite you to read the entire article about his uplifting story. You can read the full article about this inspiring dog and his awesome mom Ashley Looper on the Canine Journal. If you would like to read more about how Mark used 3d printers and an ingenious, specialized solution to help TurboRoo, the entire article can be found National Geographic.

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(Video shared from the Animal Lovers Facebook page)