Unemployment Stress Tips to Help You Survive

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Unemployment Stress Tips to Help You Survive

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Are you or someone you know unemployed? This can be a trying time financially, but it can also have devastating mental and physical consequences. Having the right mindful tips can prevent unemployment stress. Unemployment, especially long-term unemployment, can have terrifying financial costs.

Unemployment in America

It can obliterate savings and increase debt. It can also lead to health problems. According to a recent Gallup poll, “Americans who are unemployed for more than six months are much more likely to experience daily negative emotions.” These unemployed Americans are more likely to experience worry, sadness, and stress. And they are unlikely to experience happiness, enjoyment, or laughter. Long-term unemployed Americans are twice as likely to have a physician diagnose them as depressed. And more long-term unemployed Americans say that they’re struggling and suffering than short-term unemployed Americans and fully employed Americans.

Unemployment Stress Tips

Listed below are a few Mindful unemployment stress tips that can help you through this challenging time.

Unemployment Leads to Depression

Unemployment can lead to low self-esteem, loss of security, or an identity crisis. But unemployed Americans were twice as likely to be depressed (12.4 percent), and Americans who have been unemployed for a year were nearly four times as likely to be depressed (19 percent). Finding a healthy way to deal with your feelings is important for maintaining your mental health during this trying time. Consider writing down your feelings in a journal. Try talking with a trusted friend or spiritual advisor. They may help you find the silver lining in your situation.

Unemployment Can Hurt Your Heart

Unemployed Americans are less likely to take care of their physical health. The stress of unemployment can also lead to an increase of unhealthy habits like smoking, forgoing exercise, binge eating, and incessant drinking. All of this can lead to devastating health effects. According to a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, unemployed Americans are 35 percent more likely to suffer from heart attacks than employed Americans. The study also found that the effects of unemployment stress follow Americans even after they have found a new job. Avoid these health hazards by taking care of yourself during these challenging times. Try to exercise and socialize regularly. It’s also important to eat well and spend time outdoors as often as possible.

Unemployment Leads to Premature Death

A study released by McGill University in Montreal studied data from 20 million people in 15 countries and found that “unemployment increases a person’s risk of premature death by 63 percent.” This risk of death is higher for men (78 percent) than women (37 percent), and it’s also higher for people younger than 50-years-old. Fortunately, you can reduce the effects of unemployment stress with a strong support system. Whether you lean on your friends or family, having people who assist you and offer support can make all the difference.


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