‘What the World Needs Now’

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‘What the World Needs Now’

Here’s a little something to brighten your day. What started as an idea on Shelbie Rasslre’s flight home from college ended in a collaboration with some incredible people.

Watch as Boston Conservatory at Berklee student Shelbie Rassler convenes a virtual orchestra of 74 of her peers to create a wonderful connection in a time of social distancing. Students joined in the virtual music-making from their homes around the world and Shelbie says that she couldn’t be more grateful. We invite you to fall in love with the video above, and to share it so you can help promote positivity and optimism while the world needs it most.

“What the World Needs Now”
Music by Burt Bacharach, Lyrics by Hal David for Virtual Orchestra

Virtual Orchestra “What the World Needs Now”
Virtual Orchestra “What the World Needs Now”

Annika Reece, Bailey Chastain, Blake Dylan Pilger, Brielle Paige, Carlos Cordova, Carlyn Barenholtz, Cheyenne Bates, Chris Janson, Christina Jones, Clara Mazo, Dean Scarlett, Deniz Demirkurt, Dylan Quick, Eevie Perez, Eli Schildkraut, Emery Henderson, Emily Chiang, Emma O’Loughlin, Emma Rose Bauman, Erika Lopez, Fausto Capelluto, Freddy Renaud, Gabby Paige, Gioia Gedicks, Hagar Adam, Jacob Kent, Jacqueleen Schweighardt, Jennifer Molsen, Jeremy Tolsky, Jesse Howard Timm, Jiayi Wang, Jin-yeong So, John Fulton, Joshua Jowdy, Justin Veira, Kailey Fretwell, Karen Rassler, Kelsey Macdonald, Kevin Sells, Kris Leslie, Lilly Gitlitz, Lily James, Lindsey Faber, Liv Nurmi, Mae Hurtig, Maeve Reilly, Matt Henegan, Matt McDonnell, Meagan Nagy, Meghan Marshall, Melissa Zeller, Mia Goodman, Michael Mastroianni, Michael Valladares, Mikayla Cohen, Morgan Cohen, Nick Preziosi, Paul Lutty, Peli Woods, Peri Elizabeth Rutkovitz, Peyton Cook, Philomena Gildea, Rachel Tata, Robbie Shields, Robert Newman, Ryan Fogal, Ryan Scott Fossier, Sage Jepson, Samuel Kelly-Cohen, Sarah Nichols, Shelbie Rassler, Shelby Tudor, and Skylar Jepson

Video by Shelbie Rassler
Produced, arranged and edited by Shelbie Rassler (The Boston Conservatory at Berklee)
Mix Engineer Dan Santiago (Berklee College of Music)