Watching the Royal Wedding with Mindfulness

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Watching the Royal Wedding with Mindfulness

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This is a thrilling weekend–it’s the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. This morning I was reflecting on the mindful, positive aspects of this wedding and why it has the world captivated. As I was connecting the dots between the royal wedding and mindfulness, certain wonderful elements of this beautiful couple and mindfulness became clear to me.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Live in Mindfulness
  1. Holy hearted couple. They both embody many of the core tenants of mindfulness. They are philanthropic, kind, compassionate, respectful, and aware.
  2. Personal suffering. Prince Harry and Meghan have overcome personal suffering in their own lives. Prince Harry lost his mother early in life in a very public, challenging world. Meghan experienced the challenging divorces of her parents and the dissolution of her own marriage.
  3. History. This wedding at Windsor Castle brings back over 1000 years of incredibly rich English and world history. This is not just Prince Henry getting married. We reflect on the history of the Royal family and their sustainability throughout history when we see Windsor Castle and the phenomenal history of Great Britain and the world. They are an anchor, a light, a beacon for our world today.
  4. Tradition. The pageantry, majesty, and grand tradition of a royal wedding is engaging and has all the qualities of a wonderful fairytale. We live in such a modern, fast-paced world of technology and social media these day traditions have evaporated from our culture and society. It is refreshing to experience a time-tested ritual that endures throughout the ages.
  5. Respect. It is impossible to not be filled with tremendous respect when you look at Queen Elizabeth and the Royal family. They have endured through world wars, diseases, political upheaval, personal crises, and enumerable global challenges. The British Royal family endures and continues to be an example of a culture of respect around the world.
  6. Elegance. In a world filled with cut out jeans, ragged shirts, flipflops, purple hair, and revealing clothes, it is glorious to experience the elegance of this royal wedding. The beautiful rituals, regal colors, majestic flowers, and the Royal’s magnificent clothes embody elegance. We need more elegance in our world.
  7. CommUNITY. This royal wedding is not just uniting Great Britain on this day but the entire world. We all become part of this royal wedding as we gaze with awe into our televisions to witness this historical event.
  8. Hope. Henry and Meghan symbolize hope. We need hope in our fractured world these days. They represent a big dose of hope for all of us. Hope and faith in love, enduring institutions, and hope for a better future for all of us.


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