We Stand with Our Paris Family

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We Stand with Our Paris Family

paris attack

In the aftermath of the Paris attack, we are sending light, healing, and love to our dear Parisian family. My family and the Mindful Living Network staff are heartbroken along with the people of Paris and the world.

I have friends in Paris and have spent quite a bit of time there. This sacred city is our family’s favorite place on planet Earth that we have visited innumerable times. Our daughter lived in Paris as an art history student. My love affair deepened with France and their rich culture when I worked with Unilever in Paris and made many lifelong friends.

Paris is not only the heart and soul of liberty and freedom, but it is also the womb of art and civilization. Paris itself is a holy cathedral that illuminates the world. We are one human family. When members of our family are senselessly slaughtered we cry out devastated and overwhelmed with grief. We stand with you, sisters and brothers, and together move forward stronger, more resilient, and united, as we continue to create a more mindful, compassionate, and loving world together.


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