What Can We Learn From Past Olympics

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What Can We Learn From Past Olympics

The Olympic Games are always filled with surprises and make us watch out not only for our favorite athletes but also for all the new young talented athletes. When looking back at previous Olympics think of some of the lessons we can learn.

Here is what we can learn from the past Olympics:

It takes a village

Not one person stood alone when they won. It is an illusion that they are the alone winner. Each Olympiad that wins a medal is never alone. These prized athletes hug and jump around with everyone that brought them to the dance. The winners are much bigger than that one person.

When we think of a company like Amazon the dynamic, powerful, brilliant, Jeff Bezos comes to mind immediately. But it is the Amazon team that makes Amazon a great innovative company.  These Olympic athletes are on that podium draped with the flag and their medal they are America. They represent their home country such as America, Brazil or Australia.

But also, these athletes are beyond borders and are Olympiads of all countries. Like a Baskin Robbins ice cream shop. All the flavors are under one roof, but they are all ice cream. We move past borders, disagreements, arms races and wars for these two weeks and share common goals.

Live an intentional life

These athletes live an intentional life very day. They focus their lives on their goal. Every cell of their being is tethered to their intention. What they eat, how they sleep, the way they exercise and how they think, are all intentional. They epitomize living an intentional life.


Many people ask me what is the key that leads to a happy and successful life. It is discipline. I don’t care how smart you are, how talented you are or how connected you are, without self discipline you will never experience success.

Showed up

Win or lose you showed up and got up on that big stage. You went up to bat and you did it! You risked everything to be in the public eye and take a chance. Many of us are afraid of not winning in public. We fear failure before the world. These people go beyond their fear, worries or challenges and show up in life.


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