What Type of Boss Are You, Part Two

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What Type of Boss Are You, Part Two

Being a boss is not an easy task, but getting along with your boss can be even harder. Luckily, by learning to understand what type of boss you have you may be able to bring tranquility to your office and create a environment more suited for Mindful Work®.

Here are the last five boss examples:

  1. The gentle giant. These bosses are sweet, maybe a little too sweet. They don’t utilize their power very well. In fact, other employees may take advantage of their kindness, getting extensions or time off that they don’t deserve. Reassuring your boss that they’re doing a great job could build their self-esteem.
  2. The dragon. These bosses are nightmares. They have a short temper, a loud voice, and say very few kind words. They’re great at intimidating their employees. If you are actually scared to come to work, than you may be working for a one. It may be to your advantage to stay out of their way and look for another job.
  3. Sly as a fox. This type of boss can be quite dangerous. At times they seem like gentle giants. They are concerned about your professional and personal life; they may even offer you a raise. Then when you come to them for help (or for that promised bonus) they treat you like a stranger. It’s best not to get your hopes up with foxes and get official proof of their promises.
  4. The enigma. You know that you have a boss, you get occasional emails from them, but they’re never in the office. And when they’re not away on a business trip they are either in meetings or their door is closed. Patiently keep an eye on their door. When they get a free moment briefly say hello, reintroducing yourself.
  5. Mr. Perfect/ Ms. Perfect. They dot every “i,” cross every “t,” and they want to make sure that you do the same. It can truly be helpful, but mostly it can be annoying. These bosses have the tendency to ignore all the hard work you put into a report if you missed a comma on the third page. The best thing you can do is to acquire an eye for detail too.


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