Healing Powers of Music

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Healing Powers of Music

Music has amazing healing power for the mind, body and, soul. Listening to music reduces your stress and has many other health benefits. It can help you after heartbreaks and energize you during exercise sessions. But most importantly, music can bring you peace, and happiness.

5 Ways Music Can Heal You

Reduce stress and anxiety. Research has shown that listening to music can reduce your biological stress markers. Music can reduce your heart rate and your systolic blood pressure while decreasing your cortisol levels.

Manage your pain. Studies show music significantly reduced pain and depression in patients. Music may impact the release of dopamine which affects a person’s experience of pain.

Productivity. Serotonin is the zen master of our brain. Serotonin regulates our mood and increases our creativity and productivity. Music stimulates our brain to produce serotonin.

Music helps us exercise. Research shows we exercise for a longer amount of time when we listen to motivational music. People also reported they felt better and had better workouts when they listened to music.

Music improves immune functioning. Music affects the production of IgA. This is a critical antibody that helps your body fight off disease. Another study reported music helped critically ill patients lower their levels of interleukin 6. This protein is seen to help create higher mortality rates.

Start your day on a good note. Music is a good way to begin in the morning. Consider using peaceful or relaxing music during your busy morning before work. You can start your day relaxed with a lower heart rate and blood pressure.