Will ACE Your Life

A= Awareness

Awareness is creates understanding and clarity.

Humans experience stress as suffering.  The greater the stress for you the greater is your suffering.  Negative emotions (such as fear, anger, worry, and jealousy) are like clouds.  These clouds get thick and strong, dense and stop the light of the heart and mind to shine through.

Awareness leads to greater understanding.  The more you understand the nature of your mind, and your stresses, you will be able to eliminate the stress and increase your happiness.

C= Choice.

Choice= control and power.  Habits are mindless uncontrolled action and thoughts. Habits are mindless actions with little control and can cause anxiety.

  1. Choose your behavior. Make mindful choices that create peace, health and happiness.
  2. Why not choose meditation?

Meditation creates stability and happiness.  Meditation is nourishing and clearing.  The mind is attached to obsessive thoughts and craves objects and experiences constantly.  Meditation helps the mind detach. Meditation calms a weak and trembling mind.

Meditation develops an understanding of how the mind works.  You observe how your mind works and also your cravings and attachments such as your need for approval, love, rejection, fear and worry.

ALL things are impermanent. Buddha said, “No enemy can harm you so much as your own thoughts.”

E= Energy

As you become more aware and make healthier choices you will experience more energy. This new energy will lead to greater awareness and wiser choices. Just keep following this path and you will enjoy a very mindful, healthy and happy life.


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