Your Kids Won’t Eat Veggies? Get your Kids in the Garden!

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Your Kids Won’t Eat Veggies? Get your Kids in the Garden!

You buy all the green, organic things you can and yet your little one still won’t touch them! Maybe it’s time to get your kids in the garden! According to, studies of afterschool programs suggest that kids who garden are more likely to eat the produce they grow as well as the ones you put on their plate.

So get your kids in the garden and get started with our tips listed below

  • Have fun! Decorate “garden markers” with images of the veggies, herbs or fruit you are growing. All you need is Popsicle sticks, markers, and imagination. Have your kids dress up as a farmer (straw hat and overalls) and equip them with kids safe garden tools. Make them look and act like the role! Don’t forget garden statues and flags that can make “growing” crops fun!
  • Let the child choose. Engage the kids in choices of what to grow will keep them interested in what they are growing. Ask them to help you create a weekly menu for the family and plant crops that will be utilized in the meals. Herbs and tomatoes are excellent plants to consider.
  • Limited outdoor space? Then an easy container herb garden can rest on your porch, patio or windowsill. Consider container gardening. Herbs like mint can be used to make ice tea with your little one to better expand their understanding of how great green things can be! Herbs are also aromatic and can stimulate the senses and encourage your kids to get hands-on.
  • Stick to the plan. The best trick is consistency. If you help your kids incorporate gardening into daily life (watering and caring for the plants), they will show more interest and curiosity in what they are growing. These steps will definitely get your children to love eating greens!


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