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Work Will Change Forever

  • The old rules may not apply
  • This is the time for corporate management and HR to reinvent themselves
  • Supporting workers with mental and physical health services is not only an ethical obligation for employers, it’s also a bottom-line issue
This pandemic is changing work forever. Ultimately companies must make mental health support a critical aspect of their business plan moving forward or risk a dramatic impact on employee health and productivity.

Challenges in this New Era

1. Chronic Stress

  • 70% of workers report this is the most stressful time of their professional career

2. Productivity Rates

  • 62% of workers report losing more than one hour a day due to stress
  • 32% of workers report losing more than two hours per day (at least $12,000 in lost productivity per person per year)

3. Physical & Mental Health Problems

  • 60% of workers report their mental health affects productivity
  • 63% of workers report their company isn’t doing enough to support their emotional and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic
Data from MarketWatch survey on COVID-19 Related Stress

The Good News

The good news is that tools and resources exist for companies to revolutionize the way they support the mental health of employees through COVID-19 and beyond. Here are some of the tools and resources we bring to the table:

Content Offerings

We are proud to offer videos, articles, and many other customized offerings in our content subscription service, such as:
  • Custom Branded STRESS LESS Mobile App
  • Custom Intranets
  • Stress Management Tips
  • Video/Audio Content
  • Relaxation Videos
  • Motivational Email Newsletters
  • Webinars & Seminars
  • Employee Q&As
  • Podcasts
  • Articles & Books

Examples of Content Offerings

We have a wide range of types of content offerings. Choose one from below to learn more.
  • Topics for Articles/Videos

    Our types of content cover a wide-range of topics, such as:

    Customized Articles/Videos

    We have thousands of short customizable articles on stress, mindful living, lifestyle, and motivational/inspirational messages.

    Samples of Articles

    Our articles cover a wide-range of topics, such as:


    Employee questions can be answered in your newsletter or through video links embedded on your intranet site or e-newsletter.

    Inspirational Stories

    Each month we feature an employee or person overcoming challenges. This inspires and helps increase employee participation/engagement.


    During times of crisis the national television and print media consistently seek the authoritative knowledge and direction of Dr. Kathleen Hall.

    Effective Stress Tips

    Develop resilience through effective stress tips.

    The Doctor Is In

    One of our physicians writes a 200-word health article each month or answers questions from your employees.

    STRESS LESS Mobile App

    Employee access to our ‘STRESS LESS’ mobile app with stress management tips & other content you select, customized with your company brand (logo, colors).

    Customized Relaxation Videos

    Serene, relaxing, visually stunning videos that you choose how to display (website/intranet, lobbies, breakrooms, TVs, conference rooms).

    Our types of content cover a wide-range of topics, such as: