Our Causes

The Stress Institute® is committed to making the world a better place with one act of kindness at a time. We are excited to see our efforts creating a better future for our children, community, animals and environment. Here is a small look at some of the causes we are passionate about and involved in. We hope we can inspire you to take your time and use it to help others as well.

Animal Rescue

We are committed to reverence for all creatures. We currently provide homes for twelve dogs and fifteen cats. Throughout the years we have rescued hundreds of dogs, cats and horses. We are blessed to have found homes for many of our angelic four-legged guests.

Habersham Cardio-Pulmonary Wellness Center

Dr. Hall has volunteered with the Habersham County Medical Center and Piedmont College for many years. She has taught stress reduction, wellness and mindfulness.

Dukes Foundation, Atlanta, GA

Kathleen has been involved for many years with the founder, Horace Dukes. She sits on the Dukes Foundation Advisory Board and teaches stress reduction, mindfulness and wellness to these at risk inner city children of Atlanta. Atlanta’s inner city children experience tremendous stress surviving in high risk, violent neighborhoods. We teach these young people stress management and mindfulness practices.

Habersham Humane Society

Kathleen was a founder and the President of the Habersham Humane Society. She is also very involved in rescuing and fostering many dogs and cats at her farm. The Habersham Humane Society is “the Voice of the Animals”.

Join the Mindful Living CommUNITY® online!

The mission of The Mindful Living Network® is to gather people into a global community to share information, experiences and to support each other in all aspects of sustainability and Mindful Living. Compassion, kindness and reverent respect for all living things are all core tenants of Mindful Living®. Mindful Living® is grounded in science, rooted in spirituality and independent of religious, spiritual, or cultural beliefs.