What is Mindful Living?

Stress LESS through Mindful Living®

Mindful Living Explained

Learn about Mindful Living Network from our founder, Dr. Kathleen Hall in this short 3 minute video. This is a great video summarizing what mindful living is and what the…
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Mindful Living Network’s Platform

Learn about Mindful Living Network®’s platform. Watch Dr Hall explain the Mindful Living Network’s platform and what it stands for. The Mindful Living Network platform is unique.  With a main…
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Welcome to the Mindful Living Network®

Dr. Kathleen Hall introduces the Mindful Living Network®, an online community for people looking for sustainable ways to achieve Mindful Living®.

Our Mission: Entertain, Educate & Enlighten

Learn about the mission of the Mindful Living Network in this short, one-minute video. You’ll see why it is to entertain, educate and enlighten, as explained by our founder, Dr…
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What is the Mindful Living Institute®?

What is the meaning of the Mindful Living Institute®? What is the definition of Mindful Living® and how does it apply to everyday living?

What is a Mindful Living® commUNITY

Dr. Kathleen Hall defines what a ‘Mindful Living® commUNITY’ is, what mindful practices are and why mindful living practices are so important to a society.

What are mindful gifts and how to choose them?

Watch as Dr Hall explains the concept of ‘mindful gifts’ in this short introductory video.

What is a mindful family?

Dr Hall explains the concept of a ‘mindful family’. Check out our Mindful Family© section for articles and ideas on how to better become a mindful family.

Own Your Happiness®

Dr Kathleen Hall explains how to “own your happiness” by incorporating small things in your life in a routine that makes you feel good.

Learn S.E.L.F. Care with Dr. Kathleen Hall

The worst thing to have get in your way during the holidays is stress. Dr Hall gives some tips on how to avoid it.