Podcast: The Way I See It®

Stress LESS through Mindful Living®

Freedom From Fear

<p>Join us as we discuss mastering your fears during these perilous and fearful times.</p>

The Secret Sauce of Life

<p>See why laughter is the special sauce of life.</p>

Drink Your Life Deeply

<p>Join Dr. Hall as she invites you to drink deeper into your life through the experiences of an Urban Monk.</p>

Changing Your Perception Will Change Your Life

<p>To change your life you must change the way you look at life. Let’s take a new look.</p>

May The Force Be In You

<p>Join Dr. Kathleen Hall as she shares how to tap into The Force Within You.</p>

Are You Living Your Authentic Life?

<p>Want to live your life with greater meaning and purpose? Listen to valuable tips from Dr Hall to help you live your authentic life today.</p>

Spring Clean Your Life

<p>Join Dr. Hall as she shares wisdom and guidance on how you can Spring Clean Your Life which will in turn lead you to a happier and more meaningful life.</p>

A Spring Redo For You

<p>Tired of the gloom? Short days with little sunlight? Heavy clothes and being sequestered in your home? No more!! It is spring! See how easy it is to create a Spring Redo For You!</p>

Squeezing More Joy Out of Every Day

<p>Dr Hall teaches simple practices that will create joy and purpose into your life.</p>

Spend Your Time Building A Life You Love

<p>Is your precious life slipping away? Dr. Hall shares valuable insights on how to take back your life by valuing your time.</p>

A Real Love Story

<p>Join Dr. Kathleen Hall as she shares pearls of wisdom she has learned along the way to help you create love in your life.</p>

Inspiring Secrets of Super Bowl Winners

<p>Join Dr. Hall as she reveals the inspiring secrets of elite winners that can transform your own life.</p>

Love is in the Air

<p>The spiraling damage of anxiety plaguing our world is destroying our mental and physical health and the health of those we love. Good news - Valentine’s Day is just what the doctor ordered.</p>

The Simple Secret to Your Best Life

<p>Find out the simple secret to your best life and how to practice it.</p>

Create Your Best Holiday Ever!

<p>It’s time to celebrate this holiday as never before. Dr. Hall shares great tips for you to create the best holiday ever.</p>

Let’s Vote for the President-Priestess Taylor Swift

<p>Join Dr Kathleen Hall as she discusses how Taylor Swift invites the world to be transfixed and transformed by her magnificent Presence.</p>

Advent - The End - The Beginning

<p>Join us as we talk about beginning a new year and a new life for you</p>

Gratitude is the Parent of all Virtues

<p>Cicero said: Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of all others. Join our discussion on gratitude.</p>

Be a Super Spreader

<p>Join Dr Kathleen Hall as she talks about post election stress and why you need to be a 'Super Spreader'.</p>

Are You Trapped By Your Fears?

<p>Fear can either paralyze you or be your friend. Learn how to love your fear today.</p>

Will They Come For You Next?

<p>This is a seminal moment in history to say STOP! Am I next?</p>

Jimmy Buffett, The High Priest of Margaritaville

<p><strong>Join Dr. Hall celebrating the life of Jimmy Buffett and learning his invaluable life lessons.</strong></p>

Unlocking the Secret Energy of Money

<p>Learn how to open the flow of money energy into your life today.</p><p><br></p>

Shifting From Role to Soul

<p>Dr. Hall invites you to grasp the opportunity to drop old voices as you age and discover your true purpose.</p>

AWE - Earthquake To Your Mind

<p>Join Dr. Hall as she shares the great reasons why you should be experiencing AWE every day.</p>

Create Your Vision Board

<p>Good intentions when making resolutions? 97% percent of us do not keep our resolutions. See how a vision board can help.</p>

The Secret Sauce For An Amazing Life

<p>Do you want to know the secret sauce for your amazing life? Join Dr. Hall and learn the secret.</p>

Weathering The Seasons of Your Soul

<p>Dr. Hall believes each season is pregnant with infinite possibilities for you.</p>

Facing Our Greatest Human Challenges With Optimism

<p>Listen to a few of the brightest people on the planet to hear why they are so excited and optimistic about our challenges and future.</p>

Creating a Home for Your Soul

<p>Join Dr. Hall as she inspires you with great tips to create your own soulful home.</p>

Clutter Clearing For The Soul

<p>Do you want to live a less cluttered life? Join us as we discuss how you can begin either a physical or emotional or spiritual clearing of your life.</p>

How to Stop Living on Autopilot

<p>Stop living your life on autopilot. Begin creating your life of meaning and purpose today.</p>

Clearing Negative Energy From Your Life: Mind, Body, and Home

<p>Learn about universal cultural practices for clearing negative energy and creating healing positive energy in your magnificent life.</p>

Create Your Own Resurrection Story Today

<p>Join Dr. Hall as she inspires each of us to rise up and create our own resurrection story.</p>

Time For Your 40 Day Makeover

<p>Lent, 40 days before Easter, can be a life-changing experience. Listen to this time honored transformational wisdom with Dr. Hall.</p>

Reboot Your Life Today

<p>Get ready to reboot your life for greater health, happiness, and purpose with great tips from Dr. Hall.</p>

The Moses of Her People

<p>Do you know Harriet? We do... Listen to Dr Kathleen Hall's thoughts on her (s)hero - Harriet Tubman.</p>

Managing Holiday Stress and Family Conflict

<p>Join Dr. Hall as she shares effective tips for the best holiday ever.</p>

How to Find Your Soul Tribe

<p>You need a soul tribe more than ever. Learn how to create a soul tribe for your journey through life.</p>

Fall - Time For a Fresh Start

<p>Join Dr. Hall as she shares tips on how you can create a fresh start this fall.</p>

Play is Your Brain Candy

<p>Don’t wait to play! Play is internal jogging and essential for your mind as well as your body and soul.</p>

Your Life is a Classroom Not a Prison

<p>Life is your own classroom. What are you choosing to create a life of, if not meaning and happiness?</p>

Life Lessons For Us from Queen Elizabeth

<p>Join Dr. Hall as she discusses how the Queen’s inner not outer choices can change your life.</p>

Are You a Living Prayer?

<p>Join Dr. Hall as she shares tips on how you can create a more meaningful life today.</p>

Creating Your Sacred Space

<p>Are you creating sacred space in your home that nourishes you? Listen to our provocative discussion on a space to feed your soul at home.</p>

Has The Last 2 Years Messed With Your Head?

<p>Join Dr. Hall as she calls us to clear our heads and live fully and courageously.</p>

What Can Migratory Birds Teach You About Life?

<p>Join Dr. Hall as she takes you on a migratory flight that can enrich your life.</p>

Are We Dying of Loneliness?

<p>Loneliness is a dangerous, global pandemic that causes mental & physical illness and even death. Join James S. Hixon, MD, Medical Director of the Mindful Living Network & Stress Institute, and Dr. Kathleen Hall as we discuss this vast problem and simple effective cures.</p>

Is It Luck, Coincidence, Or Something Else?

<p>Join Dr. Hall as she explores how you can create your own good luck.</p>

Miracles Never Take Reservations

<p>Join Dr. Hall as she invites you to wake up to the innumerable life changing miracles in your life.</p>