6 Benefits of Non-Profit Work

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6 Benefits of Non-Profit Work

Many Americans volunteer on special occasions or during holidays. In fact, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is commonly known as “King Day of Service,” a time of remembrance and service for the community. But why not take your commitment to the next level? A career in the non-profit sector can not only benefit the community, but your health as well.

Non-profit organizations serve the public in various ways including charities, education or scientific organizations, and religious associations. By working in these fields, non-profit employees may experience “helper’s high,” a “euphoric feeling” that comes with assisting others. It lowers stress hormones, improves cardiovascular health, and strengthens the immune system. And in a study, 76 percent of the participants felt healthier, 78 percent experienced less stress, and 94 percent had an improved mood after helping others.

6 Benefits of Working in the Non-Profit Sector
Personal Growth

 In many non-profit organizations there is a larger sense of community. Employees help with multiple tasks, in and beyond their departments. This helps employees develop skills in various areas, making them a more well-rounded employee.

A Less Stressful Work Environment

 Any job can cause strain, but you may find that the non-profit work environment is more relaxed than the for-profit office. They may also have more benefits like a relaxed dress code, flexible schedules, and more camaraderie among the employees.

Work-Life Balance

 Experts have noted that non-profits are more considerate of their employees since the purpose of their business is helping others. This means that many non-profit employees are given more tools to better balance their professional and personal life like flexible schedules and better benefits and accommodations.

Money Management

Non-profit organizations don’t always have as much money on hand as for-profit businesses. This means that everyone from the boss to the temp will have to learn how to do more with less. This lesson in money management and creative budgeting can benefit an employee’s personal life as well.

A Learning Opportunity 

Whether you’re helping animals, the environment, or people from different cultures or countries, working in the non-profit teaches you new things about the world we live in. This can further your knowledge and understanding of life around you.

A Mindful Mission 

While other businesses focus primarily on profits, the bottom line for non-profits are their missions like saving endangered species, protecting the environment, or educating others. This can give employees a great sense of purpose, passion, and personal fulfillment.


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