Summer Spiritual Renewal

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Summer Spiritual Renewal

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Summer is typically the season that we focus on our physical health. We worry about getting our bodies fit for the fit for the beach or other summer activities but what about our spiritual health? Listed below are six spiritual summer tips that can help get your inner self in tip-top shape .

Tips For Your Summer Spiritual Renewal

Do some spiritual reading

Summer is all about fun beach reads. Addictive thrillers or trashy romance novels are usually the summer bestsellers, but why not try reading something different? You can read a biography of a spiritual leader you admire or you can read a couple of spiritual guidance books. With these books, you can use your reading time to invest in your spiritual health.

Connect with your body

Your body is the temple for your soul. As you nurture your spirit you must also care for your body. So, exercise regularly and be mindful of the food that you eat. Treat yourself to a massage or a day at the spa. Avoid the sunrays and pay special attention to your skin. Make an appointment to see your doctor and your dentist. Your body and your spirit will thank you.

Connect with nature

Appreciating the beauty of the world around us is important in most religions and spiritual practices. So, this summer take some time to truly connect with nature. Have a no-tech weekend and spend some time at the beach or park without your cellphone or laptop. Take some time to meditate and focus on your inner health. You can also connect with nature at your own home by getting your hands dirty in your garden.

Take a spiritual class

Want to learn more about your faith or connect with other spiritual people? Consider taking a class or going to a seminar. Community colleges, religious centers, and other institutions sometimes offer spiritual/religious education programs that you may be interested in. You can also do research to see if there are any special spiritual/religious social groups in your area that you can join.

Plan or take a spiritual pilgrimage

Is there a country or city that has special significance in your religion or spiritual practice? Start saving money so you can make a pilgrimage there one day. Save money every week so by next year you’ll be ready to go. If you already have money set aside for a summer vacation, consider choosing a destination that will enlighten you.

Add spiritual growth to your summer vacation itinerary

Even if you already have your summer vacation planned and it’s not a spiritual destination, you can still make time for your spiritual health. Check to see if there are any special spiritual events going on in the city or town you visit. Or consider going to a spiritual service there. You’ll meet new people and get to learn new things.


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