All Dogs Go To Heaven & Sometimes They Get Visiting Hours

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All Dogs Go To Heaven & Sometimes They Get Visiting Hours

The idea that all dogs go to heaven is a popular one. There is even a animated movie called ‘All Dogs Go To Heaven’, created in 1989. It spawned a sequel and touched hearts of children and adults alike. We watched the animated star, Charlie, leave heaven to come back to earth for a second chance at life. Perhaps one reason it was such a popular movie is the fact that everyone hopes it is true – that all dogs go to heaven, After all, who hasn’t lost a pet and for the rest of time wished the pet could have come back to them?

Do Animals Have Souls?

Barring any theological or religious ideals aside, and speaking only from a “I miss my doggy” perspective, this is an interesting idea. There are arguments in the scientific community that animals don’t have souls, and therefore can’t go to heaven. Theresa Argie, aka The Haunted Housewife, argues that because animals have emotions, especially love, then they can absolutely have souls. Dale Kaczmarek of the Ghost Research Society approaches the issue a different way. Dale thinks that “great love of an animal or the constant grieving of the loss of your pet will sometimes have the same effect as a sudden, violent or tragic death; it [can] will your animal to return for a short time.”

Sometimes They Come Back

It is said that love and loss are some of the most popular reasons for different hauntings. As a result of this Theresa argues that animals could cling to the mortal world after their death. She explains, “It seems some animals do live on in spirit form after death. Is it their choice or our need that keeps them in our earthly realm? That question will remain a mystery.”

Many people have claimed that the spirit of their pet has visited them from the great beyond. Who is fit to judge whether these “encounters” are either only in the person’s head, unrealistic yet hopeful wishes, or true spiritual contact based on a strong and special bond? The answer (I believe) is no one.

So, for any non-believers that all dogs go to heaven, here is a “Top 10 List of Signs Your Pet Is Visiting You From Beyond” taken from an article written by Amanda Linette Meder:

10 Signs Your Pet Is Visiting You From Beyond

  1. Hearing their paws clicking around upstairs or in another room
  2. Hearing their claws on a hardwood floor
  3. Hearing their dog collar jingle-jangle from down the hall or from upstairs or downstairs
  4. Hearing their pant/sigh/bark/scratch to come back inside from the back porch

    These first four are “big dog” signs, namely, but it could be a smaller dog as well. Take these signs to mean your old friend is just stopping by to say hi. (Also, for the hearer of the sign, it means that you’re partially clairaudient, an ability which commonly opens up after the loss.)

  5. Feeling their presence curl up next to you on your bed

    A typical cat style visitation is where you will feel your cat curl up along the backs of your knees while laying down, at the foot of your bed, or along your back, also when you’re laying down in bed. Their presence can even make a physical impression in the sheets of the bed, so make sure to look for that. Dogs, cats, and other pets will do this (curl up next to you) generally in the first few months of the grieving process quite frequently, and then begin to taper off these types of visitations as the healing process continues and continues.

  6. Thinking you’ve seen them/Catching their presence out of the corner of your eye

    This event of two-fold significance. First it means you’re clairvoyant (and this is a hint of that coming through) and second it means this is a true visitation.

  7. Hearing their song on the radio

    This is common with all types of pets. Usually, it’s the song that played in the car on the way home from the vet after. Sometimes its the first song that you heard right after their passing. Some of us decide on theme songs for our pets. Hearing your pet’s theme song also is a sign.

  8. Suddenly getting a happy thought when feeling down about their death
  9. Waking up while dreaming about them
  10. Having a new “friend” appear relatively soon afterwards

    A stray cat appears at your door. Someone offers you to pet sit their bird. A friend needs you to foster a dog they found. These are all signs from your deceased pet. It means they want you to be happy again. It also means they personally approve this new messenger. Some people even say that it is your old pet coming back in spirit through them.

It would be easier coping with the loss of our pets if we knew with total certainty that all dogs go to heaven. It would be easier knowing they left us for a better place, no longer affected by any Earthly ailments. And knowing they had the ability to watch over and protect us would be even nicer.

Will Rogers said “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” I personally take comfort in the fact that I believe all my past dogs DID go to heaven, and that one day I will see them all again. Because wherever my heaven may be, I know that there be a fairly large herd of animals waiting for me at the beginning of that journey. (I’m not totally sure how I know that over fifteen to twenty dogs will get along with each other perfectly, but I know they will. Even if they used to be the only dog in the house. And they’ll all love cats. And lizards. Just saying…)