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4 Mindful Lessons for Halloween

Halloween is not just for kids. This fun-filled holiday has deep, meaningful roots that we can all learn from. This year, celebrate the history of Halloween with these Mindful lessons. Samhain…
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5 Celebration Tips for True Halloween Lovers

Are you a true Halloween lover? Do you look forward to this time of year–the spooky parties, haunted houses, fun costumes, and trick-or-treating? If so, why not kick it up…
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Eco Halloween Candy Tips

What’s Halloween without candy? Handing out sugary sweets at the front door or at a house party is all part of the fun. This Halloween Americans will spend $2.7 billion…
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Organize a Halloween Block Party

Are you in the mood for spreading some ghostly glee? Consider throwing a neighborhood Halloween party. Before you start planning your spook-fest you should take some Mindful steps. For a…
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Bring Halloween Cheer to the Office

October is the month for play, yet few of us try to incorporate play into the workplace. So, this month consider bringing joy, fun, and laughter with these tips for…
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Spooky Halloween Crafts You’ll Love

Halloween is here. Millions of people will be planning spooky gatherings in their home. Having the right décor, food and costume is only the beginning. You’ll need the right party…
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