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Nothing Good About Being a Supermom

Most mothers are becoming supermoms. Being a supermom is someone that can perfectly balance work and home-life responsibilities. It’s being the PTA mom-of-the-year to landing that big sales lead at…
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Reduce the Weight of Heavy Backpacks, Mindful Family

Lighten the Load: Reduce Heavy Backpacks Weight

Do you find yourself wondering when your kid’s heavy backpack became as big as them? You are certainly not alone. Schools systems around the country are eliminating locker use because…
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Easing your Children's Stress during Crisis, Mindful Family, Mindful, Mindful Living Network

Easing Your Children’s Stress During a Crisis

Disasters are stressful for everyone and can be especially so for children there are several ways for easing children’s stress. Hurricane Irene swept across the Eastern seaboard this week bringing…
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Mindful Survival Tools are you prepared,Mindful Living Network, Mindful Living, Dr. Kathleen Hall, The Stress Institute, OurMLN.com, MLN, Alter Your Life, Mindful, Mindful Family, Family, Storm

Mindful Survival Tools: Are You Prepared?

The Southeast is being plummeted by torrential rain, flooding, and powerful winds. Supercell thunderclouds that upgraded to tornadoes have already caused over 200 reported fatalities stretching from Arkansas to Alabama…
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