Do Something New!

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Do Something New!

do something new

It’s time to do something new! You may be working out at the gym, walking, doing yoga, meditating, or viewing self-help videos to manage your stress and create relaxation. But it’s Spring and time to try something, anything new.

How about taking a tai chi or chi gong class? For instance, why not take a language you have always wanted to speak? How about joining a new group that does kayaking, birding, exercising, eating together, gardening or learning finance? You could also try volunteering, or doing a new type of meditation or yoga. Check out the free meditation videos at our sister site, Mindful Living Network.

Doing something new changes the brain and can invite creativity, play, and new community into your life. What have you been curious about? I challenge you this Spring to challenge yourself to do one new thing.


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