Eco Friendly Toys for the Discerning Tots

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Eco Friendly Toys for the Discerning Tots

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The average toy has  plastic, metal, and synthetic materials in it that can harm the environment. Not to mention, many of these toys come from overseas and factories and countries with lax environmental laws. Sourcing eco-friendly toys is a solution around these troubling issues. Some green toys are made with natural, recycled or sustainable materials like organic cotton, recycled plastic, and bamboo. Most eco-friendly toys are also made in smaller, green factories which fairly compensate their workers. Also, you can find many American made eco-friendly toys too.

From teddy bears to videos games, there are a plethora of toys for kids to pick from. Adults are willing to spend major cash to make sure that their children play happily. Smart Money reports that consumers spend $13.2 billion on toys just during the holiday season. With so many products on the market, why not be selective and buy toys and do good for the environment all at the same time?

Here are a few eco friendly toys suggestions:

  • Top Green Toy Brands: BeginAgain create all sorts of toys using mostly natural materials like natural rubber, cotton, and bamboo. You can find gifts for every type of child including artists, writers, inventors, sports enthusiasts, and heroes. The U.S. company, Green Toys, creates toys from recycled plastic like blocks.
  • Know Where to Look: Not sure where to find eco-friendly toys? You don’t have to look far. Toys “R” Us has eco-friendly products in-stores and online (check their specialty toys sections).  Amazon carries most of the major eco-friendly products like miYim, Green Toys, Plan Toys, Sprig Toys, and HaPe. Oompa offers unique European toys while also selling furniture and other baby gear. Etsy is also a great place for unique, organic, handcrafted gifts.
  • Popular 2012 Green Toys: This year’s popular green toys range from activities to stuffed animals. One of the most anticipated toys is Who the Owl, an organic cotton corduroy plush pal by Apple Park. Green Toys has made a Mini Vehicle Set from recycled plastic milk jugs. And if you’re looking for a board game try the Treasure Hunt by BeginAgain. You can play five different games and the board is from natural cotton.


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