Fall in Love With Cycling

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Fall in Love With Cycling

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With the convenience of cars and public transit, people tend to forgo traveling by bike. That’s a shame! There are numerous physical and mental health benefits of cycling. This spring reduce stress and bond with your loved ones by checking out our four motivational cycling tips.

Health Benefits of Cycling

May is National Bicycle Month and many cycling clubs and associations are encouraging Americans to dust off their old bikes for a very good reason. Cycling is great for your health. It’s the perfect cardiovascular exercise for your heart and your waistline. It also tones and builds muscles in your calves and thighs. Riding your bike also gives you a “runner’s high,” which reduces your stress.

Although cycling fitness is great for our health, fewer Americans are taking advantage of the benefits. According to a study, the number of cycling American women decreased by 13 percent between 2000 and 2010, and the number of cycling American children decreased by 20 percent between the same period. This month is the perfect time to change that. Listed below are a few suggestions to keep you motivated all spring long.

Mindful Cycling Tips
  • Ride for office stress relief. Are you feeling stressed at work? Consider taking up cycling fitness for stress relief. Start the day off right by cycling to work. It’s great for our planet and you’ll be more relaxed at the beginning of the day. If you’re stressed in the afternoons, try taking a cycling break. Ride your bike to lunch and back for a little afternoon exercise.
  • Set your own incentives. By riding your bike you can save a lot of money on fuel, parking fees, and auto insurances and you may even qualify for bicycle commuter benefits. Use the money you save to set your own cycling incentives. For instance, for every 10 miles you ride, you could buy yourself a treat. By setting up these goals you can reduce stress.
  • Meditate in nature. Depending on where you live, driving on the road can be dangerous. Instead, try a local park. The change of scenery will do you good and you’ll be able to relax and meditate in nature. You can also bring your loved ones along to the park for a stress-free family day.
  • Attend cycling events. Do you thrive off the energy of others? Consider joining a cycling race. Check to see if any bicycle events are available in your area. Or start your own small racing event in the park with friends or people from the neighborhood.


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