Green Jobs : Getting Paid to Save the World

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Green Jobs : Getting Paid to Save the World

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Despite the weak job market, there is one field that continues to be in-demand: environmental jobs. Getting paid to save the world has never been easier with this green jobs.

More companies are “going green,” creating niche job opportunities. According to research from the White House, other occupations will only grow 14 percent between 2000- 2016, but green jobs are predicted to grow by 52 percent. HSBC Global Research also predicts that the worldwide revenue of all environmental businesses will be over $2 trillion by 2020.

What Are Green Jobs?

The green market is diverse including numerous careers like organic farming, sustainable energy engineering, environmental law, or green fashion or interior designing. Top universities like Cornell, Duke, and Yale are now offering environmental undergraduate and graduate programs. The US Department of Labor’s website, CareerOneStop, also lists short-term educational programs and over 200 green careers.

When writing a green resume check the web for examples. Consider adding keywords to grab their attention like green audit or sustainable consumerism. For available green job listings in your area try websites like Treehugger or theGreenJobBank.

If you’re not looking for a new career, but still want to help the environment there are ways for you to become a green employee. Working from home when possible, carpooling with co-workers, or taking public transportation are options that save gas and the environment. If your office has not started a green program try volunteering your knowledge and your services.


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