Increase Your Productivity

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Increase Your Productivity

Staying focused during the workday is a challenge for many Americans workers and it can have definite costs for both employers and employees. With the right mindful tips, you can increase your productivity.

How many Americans are wasting time instead of being productive? In a survey, 89 percent of participants admitted to wasting time at work. Most participants (62 percent) admitted to wasting an hour or less of working time per day.

The lack of productivity is caused by a variety of factors. One common factor is Internet browsing—whether it’s social media sites or Google searches. In the previously mentioned survey, participants reported that frequent, unnecessary meetings and conferences, as well as annoying coworkers, were top work distractions. Another productivity factor is insomnia. The average American employee loses 11.3 days of productivity each year due to insomnia. This costs employers $2,280 per year per employee.

4 Tips for Increasing Productivity

Increase your productivity with the four tips listed below.

Set a Power Session

If you are easily distracted at work consider scheduling regular 30-minute power sessions. During these sessions, power through some of your assignments. Use your smartphone or an app on your computer to set a timer and use the time to focus on work only. Avoid bathroom breaks, Internet distractions, and other disruptions. You’ll be amazed by what you accomplish.

Set Your Own Deadlines

Setting your own deadline can be a challenge. It can be hard to stay true to your self-imposed deadlines, but it can definitely do the trick. If the project is due on Friday, set your own deadline for Thursday. This way you’ll have a full day to review and perfect your work to impress your boss and coworkers.

Get Creative

Creating daily, weekly, and monthly to-do lists can help keep you on track. Keep post-it notes on hand and regularly use calendars and agenda planners. Be reasonable about your goals. Make time in your daily schedule for distractions you can’t control, such as meetings and talkative coworkers.

Eat Natural, Energizing Food

If you didn’t get a good night sleep and it’s impacting your productivity, consider eating an energizing snack. Skip the coffee and energy drinks and reach for a banana, yogurt, or almonds instead. They’re a healthier option and they contain magnesium, riboflavin, and fiber, which naturally boost your energy.


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