Inspiring Workspaces

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Inspiring Workspaces

With the advancements in technology, the way Americans work has drastically changed. Unfortunately, American offices have not evolved at the same rate. Forbes reports that most offices are organized with uniformed cubicles that resemble a massive assembly line, rather than a place for “productive and creative” thought. Here are a few ideas how to create an inspiring workspace.

If your supervisor allows you to decorate your station consider these tips for creating an inspiring workspace:

The right colors

You may not be able to repaint your office, but that shouldn’t stop you from adding color to your space. Consider colorful trinkets around your monitor or bright pictures for your wall. Green, blue, and violet are calming, and stress relieving colors. Red and orange are thought to be energy boosting colors.

Light it up

Natural and bright light are thought to improve productivity. So if you sit next a window try keeping the binds open. If you don’t have a window and your workspace is dim consider buying a mini lamp to brighten your area.

A little life

Whether it’s a plant or a small goldfish, having a little life around your space can improve your quality of work. You can try a terrarium, a mini Zen garden, or a small potted plant. If your office allows pet fish, try a gold fish or betta fish.

Find inspiration in words

Inspirational quotes in offices may seem a little cliché, but that shouldn’t stop you from searching for fresh and unique words of motivation. You can print them out or write them on post-its.

Organization is key

When your workspace is free of clutter you can think clearer. Try using color coordinated folders, baskets, and boxes. Don’t stop with the top of your desk either. Keep your drawers and cabinets in order too.

Goofy supplies

If you’re looking to add a little quirky fun to your office why not try some odd work supplies. There are pins that look like sprouts, a 2-in-1 fish tank/planter, magnetic stones for your desk, and a waste basketball bin.

A personal touch

Lastly, most of us add our own personal items to our workspace, whether it’s pictures or gifts from friends. However, rarely do we update these trinkets. The quickest way to change an office is to get new pictures and figurines for our desks every once in a while.


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