Involve the Neighbors in Holiday Festivities

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Involve the Neighbors in Holiday Festivities

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The holidays aren’t just a time to celebrate with family. Getting the neighbors together for holiday festivities is a great way to further friendships and meet new residents to the area. Decorating houses and lawns typically creates holiday cheer in a community. But this year why not go a step further with caroling, volunteering, craft or trivia nights, and neighborhood parties.

Neighborhood Holiday Festivities

  • Caroling. It’s a tradition that began centuries ago to pass along holiday cheer. You can do the same with as little as five recruited members from your neighborhood or apartment complex. It’s important to dress warmly, but remember to have fun with festive hats and accessories. For your song selections try mixing classics with contemporary. And it’s a good idea to start caroling after dinner time, and before your neighbors prepare for bed.
  • Volunteering. During this time of giving and sharing why not contribute to your community? Offer to help or simply visit with an elderly neighbor. Invite a homesick resident who can’t go home this year to celebrate with you. Gather a group of neighborhood kids to volunteer at a homeless shelter or start a community drive with the proceeds benefitting a local soup kitchen.
  • Crafts and trivia nights. A creative way to get into the holiday spirit is hosting a trivia and game night. You can have categories like holiday movies, history, and songs. Neighbors can be split up into teams with bells for buzzers. If you decide to make it an annual event you can create a special “cup” to be passed to each year’s winners. For craft night you can set up snacks while kids decorate cookies, gingerbread houses, and Christmas tree ornaments.
  • Neighborhood parties. They’re classics for every neighborhood. Encourage neighbors to bring a dish or two to share. With holiday music playing in the background and fun activities, like guess that Christmas carol, you are guaranteed to have a great time.


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