It’s the Election Day Countdown!

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It’s the Election Day Countdown!

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Today, millions of Americans are patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for the results of the U.S. elections. Waiting and worrying go hand and hand, so it’s no surprise that this it can also lead to a lot of stress. So, since we’re in the midst of an election day countdown, let’s take a moment to review these election stress tips.

Election Day Countdown

  • Get busy. Taking your mind off your waiting problem is a common piece of advice. Diving into a good book or an enthralling Netflix series can really make the waiting time past by.
  • Connect with yourself. Each of us reacts differently to the waiting process. Some people fidget, some experience mood swings, and some start to feel nauseous and a bit dizzy. While you wait, take a moment to review your body and your emotions. Is waiting causing you to experience odd symptoms? If so, take steps to calm yourself. Slowing your breathing, avoiding caffeine, and consuming products that contain ginger (such as tea) may help you manage some of these symptoms.
  • Seek out comfort. Comfortable surroundings have a way of soothing our souls. So, the more comfortable you are, the less likely you are to experience stress from waiting. Wearing comfortable clothes and shoes, listening to relaxing music, lighting a soothing, scented candle, or simply sitting in a cozy chair can help you feel better. So, during your waiting period be kind to yourself.
  • Look to the bright side. One of the stressful aspects of waiting is the fear of the unknown. Reduce your election stress and bust your fear by keeping an optimistic attitude. A little hope and a little joy can go a long way. So keep optimistic quotes on hand and be sure to chat with people who make you feel jovial.
  • Make your waiting pay off. Waiting for something is an act of grace, but according to a Chicago study, “people tend to value things more in the present and discount their worth in the future.” Fortunately, experts have found that making people wait actually made them more patient and it helped people make better decisions. So close your eyes and let this waiting process be a learning moment for yourself. You’ll reduce your impatience and strengthen your resolve.