Landscaping Based on Colors from the Chakras

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Landscaping Based on Colors from the Chakras

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Gardens are a great place for tranquility and relaxation. And gardens inspired by chakras will provide your outdoors space with an extra surge of energy. Chakras are common elements in yoga, Buddhism, and Hinduism. The word “chakra” has Sanskrit origins and means “wheel.” The seven chakras are considered as rotating centers that are connected with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy.

There are seven chakras which are linked to vital organs, emotions and colors. They include: Sahasrara (violet/ crown of the head), Anja (indigo/the brow or forehead), Visuddha (blue/ the throat), Anahata (green/ the heart), Manipura (yellow/ the stomach area), Svadhisthana (orange/ the lower abdomen) and Muladhara (red/ base of spine).

You can use the seven chakras as inspiration for the type of plants that will fill your space. Here are some Mindful ideas to help get you started:

Chakra inspired floral gardens.

You can arrange the garden with separate color centers to represent different chakras and emotions. For the Sahasrara (unity), violets and lavender will be perfect.  Also for the Visuddha (truth), consider blue hydrangeas. If you want energy consider sunflowers and yellow snapdragons which represent Manipura. For Svadhisthana consider marigolds, or red roses and poppies for Muladhara.

Chakra inspired edible gardens.
If you’re more interested in an edible garden consider using plants that will benefit the seven chakra centers of the body.
  1. Red: For Muladhara and for a strong spine consider tomatoes, which are filled with vitamin K and calcium for healthy bones.
  2. Yellow: For Manipura and stomach problems consider yellow bell peppers, which provide your body with fiber.
  3. Green: For Anahata and your heart consider growing spinach or savoy cabbage. Both are filled with antioxidants that help you fight heart disease.
  4. Blue: For Visuddha and your throat consider growing blueberries as the dried leaves can be used to make tea to soothe a sore throat.
  5. Violet: For Sahasrara and head problems consider growing lavender. You can harvest and dry the plants to make tea which will help with headaches.

Bonus: If you’re looking for further inspiration, consider Carol Cumes and her award winning book entitled, Chakra Gardens: Opening the Senses of the Soul.


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