More Coca-Cola Please

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More Coca-Cola Please

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Being from Atlanta you grow up knowing some basic truths of life. There are some things in life that are not negotiable: drinking Coca-Cola, eating turnip greens, okra and butter beans, and having roses and hydrangeas in your garden.

I was enlightened to numerous other uses of our beloved Atlanta’s Coca-Cola. We went to feed our horse Sophia and after giving her a carrot she just fell over and began coughing up mucous, grain and other indescribable gore. We rushed her over to the University of Georgia Veterinary Hospital and watched as they put an endoscope down Sophia’s throat. An endoscope is a tube with a light at the end that allows you to see into the esophagus and stomach. We all looked into Sophia’s stomach at the same time. There was a large bezoar in her stomach. A bezoar is a mass of foreign material, usually hair or some fiber,that gets trapped in the stomach.

He Used Coca-Cola To Do What?!

I asked the doctor if we had to do surgery to remove the bezoar. The vet said that they removed a bezoar by pouring Coca-Cola down the throat into the stomach. The Coca-Cola will then dissolve the bezoar. My husband, a gastroenterologist, and I were amazed as we watched the doctors pour the Coca-Cola down Sophia’s throat. We were mesmerized as we all watched the Coca-Cola dissolve the bezoar in front of us.

My farm manager called the next day and told me that he had cleaned our corroded battery with Coca-Cola. I burst out laughing. In two days there were two miraculous uses of this magical drink. As I perused the Internet there were other people who regularly use this remarkable concoction. Some use Coca-Cola to clean burnt pans, others use it for a tanning solution to get a better long lasting tan, and others us Coca-Cola on floors to make them sticky so dancers don’t slip on the floor as they dance.

Many of us love this delicious southern drink and after this I will drink it with more reverent respect.


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