‘One Breath Around the World’ Starring Freediver Guillaume Néry

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‘One Breath Around the World’ Starring Freediver Guillaume Néry

Check out this amazing, must see video about free diving called ‘One Breath Around the World’. It’s an absolutely stunning short documentary that featuring world champion freediver Guillaume Néry as he explores some remarkable places underwater.

Guillaume Néry

Freediver Guillaume Néry

Free diving is a form of underwater diving that relies on the diver holding their breath until resurfacing, as opposed to the use of breathing apparatus such as scuba gear. As a freediver, Néry explores these oceanscapes by holding his breath for an unbelievably long time. The footage is shot by his wife, who also held her breath while shooting this. Some parts of the video are appear so surreal, in their stunning and totally disorienting angles that you’ll lose all your sense of direction and forget which way is up. The jaw-droppingly incredible and beautiful footage is mind-blowing.

Some of it is so amazing it’s hard to even believe it’s real. But it is. Watch Néry swim so deep you can’t believe he doesn’t have a tank of air. You’ll see as he explores beautiful caverns and majestic seascapes. Watch him meet a sperm whale face to face, and then meet the entire pod. Listen as he dives with a singing humpback whale. You will never forget some for the amazing scenes. We’ve included a photo gallery on this page that showcases some photos of the freediver and the unbelievable imagery shown in the video. 

‘One Breath Around the World’ Photo Gallery

More about the ‘One Breathe Around the World’  documentary

This video can be viewed on Guillaume Néry’s YouTube channel.   His introduction to this film is as follows: “Our new short film (12 min) is finally out. Turn out the light, put your headphones and free dive with me around the world.” The video features music by Guillaume Ferran. For more on the short, you can visit Néry’s Instagram or YouTube page.

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