Organic, Natural Products Your Hair Will Love

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Organic, Natural Products Your Hair Will Love

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From shampoos to hair gels, we use a lot of products to keep our hair looking beautiful. Yet, the cost of beauty could mean jeopardizing our health and the environment. Fortunately, there are organic hair products and natural hair care tips that can help nourish your hair.

The Dangers of Parabens, Silicones, Sulfates, and More

Not too long ago the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration issued a warning about a popular hair smoothing ingredient: formaldehyde. This harmful chemical, which is also used as an embalming fluid, is commonly found in products for the Brazilian Blowout hair treatment. Research shows that dangerous levels of formaldehyde can be found in hair products and cause breathing difficulty, eye damage (including blindness) and even cancer.

It isn’t just formaldehyde that we should be wary of. The parabens in some hair products can disrupt our hormone system. Forms of alcohol, silicones, and sulfates can also be found in hair products like shampoos or conditioners. Using too much of these products can start a chemical buildup which can be unhealthy for our hair and scalp.

Organic Hair Care

Investing in natural or organic hair products will not only keep your hair healthy and free of harsh chemicals, the products will also be easier on the environment. Common oils found in these products include coconut, lavender, and extra virgin olive oil. Other natural ingredients for hair include Shea butter, cocoa butter, honey, avocado extracts, and herbs.

4 Natural Hair Products  

Interested in using natural hair products? Consider the options listed below.

  1. Alteya Organics. They sell USDA certified organic products like hair butter made from lavender and shea butter or rose extract and sweet almond oil.
  2. Living Nature. It’s 100 percent natural and made in New Zealand. They have shampoos made from coconut oil and conditioners made from jojoba seed oil.
  3. Rahua. They offer 100 percent natural, vegan products like shampoos made from green tea leaf extract, a hair mask product made from sunflower seed oil and hairspray made from aloe, sugarcane, and green tea.
  4. Yarok. This 100 percent vegan company offers alcohol, parabens, and sulfate free hair products. They have shampoos made from organic herbal infusion and conditioners made from macadamia nut oil.

For an expert opinion on natural hair products, consider visiting an organic salon. These salons use natural hair products and can be found all over the country including Pennsylvania, Florida, and Maryland.


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