Reduce Stress With Holiday Traditions

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Reduce Stress With Holiday Traditions

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Every family has its own holiday traditions, whether they’re new or have been passed down for generations. These holiday traditions are not only a great source of comfort; they also help improve health and reduce stress.

Listed below are holiday traditions that may help lower your stress levels:

Holiday Foods

No matter what you traditionally eat during the holidays there are bound to be certain foods that can help lower stress. In moderation, Christmas ham can be a great source of protein, zinc, and potassium, which helps lower stress. Roasted holiday nuts like almonds, walnuts, and peanuts are full of vitamins and minerals for reducing stress. And peppermint found in candy canes, can help relieve stress and digestive problems while increasing concentration. 

Special Crafting

During the holiday season there are many ways for you to engage your creative right-brain, which can help relieve stress. Making your own holiday cards can be fun and your loved ones will appreciate the personal touch. You can also create your own holiday decorations like eco-friendly wallpaper, wreaths made from fall leaves, or stockings made from old Christmas sweaters.

Seasonal Socializing

Strong social ties can make us feel better about ourselves and it can decrease our stress levels. So this winter get in the holiday spirit by socializing with family and friends. Go caroling, build snowmen together, have a snowball fight, host holiday trivia game nights, or watch holiday movies together. You’ll enjoy yourself and reduce stress.

Holiday Vacations

Planning a vacation can be exhausting, especially around the holidays, but it can also be a great way to reconnect with family. Seeing loved ones again, or simply visiting another place, can be great for relieving stress. For a successful holiday vacation remember to plan early and enlist the help of your family. Wherever you go it’s important to use your time for holiday relaxation.

Seasonal Volunteering

Giving onto others is an important holiday tradition that can greatly benefit your local community. Getting involved in service projects, helping out at soup kitchens, or hosting a coat drive can help those in need. But that’s not all. Volunteering can also fill your body with endorphins that will help lower your stress.

Mindful Reflections

The holidays are usually a time in which people reflect and express gratitude. Whether you use water or champagne, it’s also traditional to make toasts during the holiday season. You may make grateful speeches about the people around you or the past. Or you may consider going around the family dinner table, and one by one mention what you’re thankful for.  This provides a great opportunity for relieving stress; it can help you stay grounded and boost your mood.


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