Strengthen Your Communication Skills

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Strengthen Your Communication Skills

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Communication skills are key. We all strive to work in an office that is brimming with positive energy. Mindful bosses and Mindful employees are essential to a productive workplace, but it’s only the beginning.

A successful office achieves harmony and productivity through open and respectful communication between the workers. Without such communication directions become unclear. Experts say that this can lead to low morale, mistakes, arguments, and increased employee turnover.

Tips for Strengthening Your Communication Skills

Listed below are Mindful Work® tips for improving office communication skills.

  1. Always be prepared. Experts suggest writing down the points you wish to discuss and the questions you want to ask before every phone call, meeting, conference or interview. That way you won’t forget anything important and you’ll be able to speak clearly and concisely.
  2. Listen carefully. Taking the time to listen to others can strengthen work relationships. In order to listen attentively, this means not interrupting the speaker, clearing your mind of distractions as they talk, and asking questions to further the discussion and your understanding.
  3. Be respectful. Respecting someone’s opinion on a shared project or report is only the beginning. It’s also important that every workplace creates an environment that is understanding and sensitive to all employees’ cultural, political, and religious beliefs.
  4. Watch your body language. Be cautious of negative facial expressions like frowning and negative body language like crossed arms. Instead, you can show your attentiveness by nodding, making eye contact and giving a friendly smile.
  5. Note your words. It’s true what they say, a spoonful of sugar can help the medicine go down. When delivering bad news, be sure that the message is balanced. Note the positive elements and the things that need to be improved.
  6. Monitor your tone. Knowing what you’re going to say is a great start, but you’ll also need to monitor your tone. Positive messages will be lost if they’re said in a loud and angry tone. And a monotone voice can lose your audience completely.
  7. Choose personal means of communication. Emails are the most convenient means of communicating nowadays, but instead consider contacting coworkers via phone calls, or video chats. You’ll be able to read more from their facial expressions and building a better relationship.
  8. Avoid gossip and rumors. Participating in gossip about coworkers or employers can lead to hurt feelings and conflicts around the office. It’s important to avoid such rumors as they can drain you and others of positive energy.


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