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Sparkling Glacier Ice Melting

Immerse you SELF into the mystical sound of sparkling glacier ice melting around you. Imagine the cool, refreshing air slowly moving across your face and you melt away all your…
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Lush Deep Forest

Enjoy a few moments in this lush deep forest. Sit under the trees and absorb the healing, transformative power of Mother Nature. These ancient beings give us life and beauty.…
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Tranquil Lake in Alaska

Enjoy this mesmerizing, tranquil lake in Alaska. Allow your senses to be tantalized by this magnificent lake as it lulls you into a quiet, restful place. This gorgeous peaceful lake…
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Snowy Mountain River

Feel refreshed and energized as your mind, body, and soul experiences a swirling, bubbling, life-giving snowy mountain river. Surrender to the cleansing, rejuvenating, power of the water, as it washes…
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Peaceful Blue Lagoon

Relax and immerse your senses into the calming soft, blue water as you allow your mind, body and soul to surrender and enjoy the safety and beauty of this scenic,…
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Soothing Mountain Waterfall

Relax and allow your busy thoughts and worries to flow away from your mind, body, and soul as you immerse your senses into this soothing mountain waterfall. Listen to the…
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Golden Sunrise Over the Ocean

Enjoy this golden sunrise over the ocean. Let the brilliant light of the sunrise over the water open your mind to all that is good and possible in your life.…
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Hydrating Foods: The New Water Craze

We have long been told that at least eight glasses of water a day will keep us healthy and hydrated. However, did you know that “eating” your daily dose of…
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