The Power of Family Meetings

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The Power of Family Meetings

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The power of family meetings is invaluable and can be the glue that keeps a family’s busy life from spinning out of control. Planning a perfect family meeting is easier than you might think. Considering everyone’s schedule and getting everyone to the table is just a start. Other things, such as snacks, can also help the meeting run smoothly. Reluctant family members may be more likely to participate in family meetings if you change up the meeting location, like at a restaurant or park. Once everyone is ready to participate, that’s when the real benefits begin.

There are many reasons for why you should consider having meetings with your family. Creating a time and place for the family to meet weekly provides a place for communication and building trust. It also solidifies your family’s values, organizes the family’s lives, and keeps the family focused on what is important.  This meeting is a place where each voice is heard, opinions are encouraged and listened to, family activities are planned.

Still not convinced? Here are ten reasons why you should have a family meeting:


When you have family meetings you create common goals and develop a family mission. Together you can learn to coordinate efforts and work as a team or a tribe.


Consistent family meetings can create a sense of intimacy for the family. With this new intimacy, family members can learn more about each other and grow together.


With family meetings, children learn about leadership. They learn that true leaders respect each person’s opinion. Everyone is given equal time to speak their mind and every opinion is valued. It’s also a great time for children to learn the importance of listening with reverent respect. This can encourage them to explore their own personal power.


Family meetings can help get the whole family involved in the decision-making for the household. This can help further develop leadership and critical thinking skills for young kids.


It’s never too early for children to learn the importance of sharing and compromising. Fortunately, through family meetings, every member of the family learns to listen and compromise.


Your children will learn how to set goals and how to prioritize these goals. Remember: anyone can make a list, but happy successful people learn how to effectively prioritize goals and lists.


Mutual support is essential in our busy world. You can combat any life challenges with the right support team. So, knowing that you have the support of your family can make all the difference.


At the family meeting come up with final decisions about chores. You can assign chores, so all work in family is delegated. This creates less fighting.


Use this time to gather everyone’s schedule. Get the entire family’s schedules and coordinate  including, sports, meetings, and special occasions. This will help everyone keep on the same page.

Holidays and Vacations

Some of the issues you can discuss in the family meeting are such as where to go on vacation, how much money to spend, and when the family can go. You can also encourage the children to explore online where to take family vacations.


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