The Sacred Horse

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The Sacred Horse

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It is almost time. The first Saturday in May is about to arrive for the Kentucky Derby, which first ran in 1875. It is one of the most revered traditions in U.S. history. There are mint juleps, beautiful hats, roses and all the fanfare, but at the center of it all is the beloved sacred horse.

My family and I have been in the horse business for over 30 years and have lived on our horse farm for over 25 years. Each day of my life, I continue my fascination and love of these animals.

These mysterious animals teach us so much about ourselves. They are a mirror you your emotions, especially anger and fear.

Equine therapy is practiced in most countries in the world. It is used as a therapeutic tool for the physically and mentally handicapped, and to help people recover from traumatic injuries.

Research has shown when people interact with animals, they have lower blood pressure and heart rate, increased beta-endorphin levels, decreased stress levels, reduced feelings of anger, hostility, tension and anxiety, improved social functioning, and increased feelings of empowerment, trust, patience and self-esteem.

Our horses have been my professors, priests and shaman over the years. They have brought great sorrow in their deaths and illnesses, and great joy in our daily life with them at our farm, Oak Haven®.  When I am stressed out, confused or experience great sadness, I head to the pasture to lie on a horse. They are a healing balm that almost immediately dissolves whatever the challenge in life is.

Since the beginning of time humans have had a sacred and reverent relationship with the magnificent horse.  In aboriginal cultures the horse is the symbol of power.  The horse is a sacred animal treated with reverence and the greatest respect. This is the month to honor our beloved horse.

If you need to access your power and freedom wear a horse scarf, bracelet, tie or clothing with a horse on it.  Take your family to visit a horse farm this month and experience the joy of standing in the presence of this ancient mystical animal.


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