Welcome Kit Ideas for New Neighbors

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Welcome Kit Ideas for New Neighbors

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Welcoming new residents to the neighborhood is a sweet tradition that continues in many mindful communities. Starting that first conversation can be a bit awkward so why not break the ice with a gift. Knowing exactly what to buy or make can be tricky. Listed below are some welcome kit suggestions for all budgets.

Gifts for Neighbors

  • A personal directory welcome kit. Welcome the new neighbors with a helpful directory. Create a list of useful phone numbers for local pharmacies, dry cleaners, coffee shops, and stores. Also, list your suggestions for various local restaurants. Consider supplying an address book, so they can organize the information. Don’t forget to list your own phone number.
  • A places and activities basket. To help the new resident get acquainted with the area, include a map of the town. Provide a list of suggestions for upcoming activities and events that they may enjoy. Consider making a map of the neighborhood with useful names and phone numbers. Also, consider including the latest community newsletter.
  • A home improvement bucket. If you are looking for a gift that everyone can appreciate, try filling a bucket with goodies new homeowners usually need. Martha Stewart recommends filling a bucket with tools like a hammer, screwdriver, nails, screws, extension cords, or a power strip.
  • An outdoor space package. Also, consider giving them a gift for the great outdoors. You can give a welcome mat, wind chimes, or a potted plant. If you aren’t sure which plant they’ll like consider sending them a pot, a small package of soil and various kinds of seeds — like herbs or flowering varietals — so they can decide.
  • A home-cooked meal set. Nothing beats a home cooked treat. You can make fresh sweets like cookies, brownies or a pie. If you prefer to buy food items consider trail mix, popcorn, soft drinks, etc. You can also create a fruit basket for smoothies, or you can provide all the ingredients for a foolproof meal like spaghetti or lasagna.

Two Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Budget. Are you worried about a welcome kit gift hurting your budget? Get some help from your neighbors and create a great combined gift. The new resident will appreciate everyone’s thoughtfulness and you’ll get to save some major bucks.
  2. A personal note. No matter what you decide to send to your new neighbor, always try to include a personal note. It can be long or short. The point is to open a line of communication.


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