6 Valentine’s Day Snacks

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6 Valentine’s Day Snacks

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Are you planning a Valentine’s Day party? Do you need some ideas for snacks? Check out the fun recipes listed below!

  • S’more popcorn. Skip the regular popcorn and serve something special for Valentine’s Day. Do you love s’mores? If so, you can make s’more Valentine’s Day popcorn with just a few ingredients. All you need is popcorn, semi-sweet chocolate chips, M&Ms, graham cracker bits, and marshmallows. It’s a sweet twist on a classic.
  • Pretzels sticks and marshmallow wands. Here are a few snack-on-a-stick ideas. You can make marshmallow wands with marshmallows, dipping chocolate, sprinkles, and tasty candies. And you can make pretzel sticks with long pretzels, dipping chocolate, and sprinkles. They’re fun, they look festive, and your guests will love them.
  • Homemade gumdrops. Want to make some love-themed candies? Consider making Valentine’s Day gumdrops. All you need are sugar, applesauce, Jell-O, gelatin, and lemon juice. Cut the gumdrops out with mini heart-shaped, x-shaped, and o-shaped cookie cutters for added fun.
  • Black and white rice crispy treats. Kids love a tasty rice crispy treat. With this recipe, you can make a heart-shaped batch and then dip one-half of the heart in chocolate and sprinkles. This will create the black and white effect. Are you interested? Here’s the recipe.
  • Marbled Valentine’s Day cookies. Want to serve sugar cookies at your Valentine’s Day party? Jazz up your regular sugar cookies with this fun recipe. For this cookie, you make and combine white and pink sugar cookie dough to create the marbled effect. Also, consider using a heart-shaped cookie cutter for love-themed cookies.
  • French toast roll-ups. French toast isn’t just for breakfast. This recipe for French toast roll-ups makes for a great midday or late night snack. All you need are the traditional French toast ingredients (sandwich bread, eggs, and milk), as well as French toast stuffers such as strawberries, cream cheese, Nutella, or peanut butter. Spread some of the filling and a few strawberries on the inside of a sandwich slice and roll the bread into a cylinder. Dip the roll-up in the egg mixture, cook it, and roll the finished roll in some a cinnamon sugar mixture.


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