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6 DIY Gym Bag Essentials

Every athlete needs a properly planned and packed gym bag. The right tools and equipment can make even a gym novice feel like a workout warrior. Here are some handy…
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Derek Redmond

Derek Redmond’s Inspiring Story of Olympic Proportions

If you don’t know who Derek Redmond is, after watching this video, it should be hard to forget him. One of Britain’s most famous athletes is Derek Redmond. In 1985…
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Eco-Athletic Wear That You and the Planet Will Love

January is the month millions of people hit the gym to start their “get healthy” New Year’s resolutions. This means tons of people are looking for quality workout clothes. If…
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Eco-Friendly Workout Gear

Who doesn’t want to workout and save the planet at the same time? Earlier this week we featured a few Mindful ideas on eco-workout apparel. Today, we take a closer…
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5 Tips for Spring Recreational Activities

Our winter season hibernation is over and it’s time to switch gears into more lively activities. But before you start participating in spring recreational activities, be sure that you’re prepared.…
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Shift Gears This Spring!

Now that spring is here it’s time to get active. Coming out of your winter hibernation can be difficult without the right sort of inspiration. This year try a few…
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3 Indoor Workouts for Rainy Days

Have you ever woken up early for your morning run only to realize that’s it raining outside? Whether it’s simply drizzling or raining cats and dogs, most people get discouraged…
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Run, Don’t Walk, For Your Health

The risk for heart disease is high in America, especially in the African American community. With February being American Heart Month and Black History Month, now is the time for…
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Which Type Of Yoga is Right For You

If you’re having a hard time squeezing exercise into your daily routine, yoga may the answer. It’s relaxing and it can be done practically anywhere—at home, outdoors, at a studio,…
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7 Tips to Find the Right Fitness Trainer

When you’re in the middle of your workout routine, exhausted and ready to call it a day, you’ve probably thought to yourself: I wish I had a fitness trainer. You…
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