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Love is a Decision in This Crisis

I wrote this original article in February 2014 and believe it is worth publishing again today. Originally I wrote this note for Valentine’s Day 2014. Today I have edited my…
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Get a Dose of Nature’s Xanax

A Simple Dose of Nature’s Xanax A simple walk can be the equivalent of taking either an anti-anxiety drug, an antidepressant or a sleeping pill. Just 20 minutes of walking…
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Effects of Lies and Dishonesty

The effects of lies and dishonesty in our lives can be tremendous. While we live in a culture of dishonesty, in a time of lies, we should strive to rise…
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Dance Your Stress Away

When your workout routine is exciting you are more likely to keep up your exercise regimen. This is why dancing is the perfect Mindful tip for bettering your health. There…
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Live A More Honest Life

When we have lived or are living a life of dishonesty either consciously or unconsciously, we need lots of support. It’s sometimes hard to gain the courage to finally tell…
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Stress Tips for Introverts or Extroverts

Stress Tips for Introverts and Extroverts We all deal with stress differently and this is partially because of our different personality traits. People usually fall into one of two categories:…
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Reconnect with Mother Nature, The Way I See It

Reconnect with Mother Nature

We have spent the month of January supplying you with tons of information to help you create a happier, healthier, mindful new year. I want to end the month with…
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4 Recycling Projects To Try

It’s National Recycling Month—the perfect time to rethink our waste. With a little ingenuity, plastic bottles and cardboard boxes can easily be “upcycled” and turned into something completely different. This…
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April is Stress Awareness Month

Feeling stressed due to tax season? Are you anxious about an upcoming graduation? Feeling the pressure of planning and organizing family and holiday events like Easter and spring break stress?…
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Aromatherapy 101

Humans have used aromatherapy practices since ancient times, for medicinal healing and worship rituals. Our ancestors knew aromas had a great effect upon the body, mind, and soul. With the…
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