Get a Dose of Nature’s Xanax

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Get a Dose of Nature’s Xanax

A Simple Dose of Nature’s Xanax

A simple walk can be the equivalent of taking either an anti-anxiety drug, an antidepressant or a sleeping pill. Just 20 minutes of walking reverses your stress response, lowers your blood pressure, gives you an immune boost, and increases your energy and optimism. So step outside get some fresh air and enjoy the health benefits of walking.

Simple Benefits of Walking 

  1. Sitting is dangerous. Continual research tells us how unhealthy it is to sit, even a couple of hours. The longer you sit on a couch or in a chair, the more your pooling your blood. Studies show that when you walk your blood flow reverses damage to your leg arteries.
  2. Walking can save your life. Simply walking 20 minutes a day gives you an immune boost, reduces your risk of cancer, decreases your incidence of all diseases and increases your longevity.
  3. Stimulate your senses. Whether you are sitting at home, in your car or at your office your senses can become numb, and that can negatively affect your mental and physical health. Get on your walks and stimulate your five senses. Look at that sky, the trees, flowers, and the birds in the trees. Listen to those birds, the wind, and the sound of water rushing. Smell those blooming flowers or that freshly cut grass. Run your hands over the leaves or reach down for the lush green grass surrounding you.
  4. Holy communion. Walk with someone and experience a vast array of feelings that you share together such as laughter, whispers, words, and even tears. There are great health benefits of walking and connecting with others. Discover moments of holy communion with yourself, another person, your pets, and with nature.